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Who can use the framework?

Although Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (YDH) is the Framework Sponsor, the framework is open to all public sector bodies and private sector organisations across England and Wales. By signing an Access Agreement with the Trust, these organisations can use the framework and benefit from an OJEU compliant process for the delivery of building works and services.

What works can be delivered through the framework?

The framework covers the provision of building works and services and can be used to deliver new build projects, refurbishments, extensions, renovations and associated infrastructure works.

How is the PIC Framework different from other frameworks in the marketplace?

Unlike other healthcare frameworks, which are for the delivery of ‘capital’ projects only, the PIC Framework provides access to private funding streams that other public sector bodies cannot access. It therefore enables YDH and a range of public and private sector clients to procure construction services for projects funded through private capital.

How does the call-off process work?

The framework operates a two stage “call-off” process. Stage 1 will select a contractor following a “mini competition” and once appointed, will sign a Pre-Contract Services Agreement (‘PCSA’) to work on the project from the early design stages up to financial close. Provided the final contract sum is within budget, that contractor would sign the main building contract at financial close (e.g. at Stage 2 of the call-off process).

Can a direct allocation be made through the framework?

The Framework Agreement does include the ability to make a “direct award” without the need for a call-off, however only if the contract value is “sub-threshold”, e.g. below £4.3million/€5million.

How have the contractors been selected?

The contractors have been appointed through a two-stage, OJEU-compliant procurement process. Each has been assessed based on healthcare experience, technical capacity and professional ability, which ensures that YDH and other health operators have access to some of the most experienced contractors in the sector, with vast expertise in delivering clinical facilities and associated infrastructure developments.

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